Fuck That (interlude) - Busta Rhymes

[Spliff Star (Busta Rhymes)]
("What?") "Check it, what, ha. ("Noooooo!") Ha! Ha-ha, ha! ("Hey!") Yeah."
("I don't care! What?! What?! Uhhh...")

It's the musical felon, the black John Lennon
who keep the gat between the brief and the denim
The way the world is headed, I can see how it's endin'
but I'm gonna get this paper from now to armageddon
My mental's too strict, my squad is too thick,
I f_cked up and slipped but I quickly caught a grip
Since my man put me on, ("Eh-heh.") I took another route
I'm wreckin' shows you know from here to over South
Them mothaf_ckas know exactly talkin' about
Spliff Star, see me on MTV
F_ck that! I'm comin' to gain on Soul Train
Now I'm gettin' paid like that n_gga Damon Wayans
F_ck that! No more stress on the brain!
F_ck that! No more sellin' c_caine!
I'm out there, I'm out there on the radio
Catch me in the video doin' my thing
Still smokin' crucial bang
Just came off my P-O ("Yo!")
I'm in my basement writin' 'nough flow
That's right, my f_ckin' brain's open
Got you jealous n_ggas on the sides slopin'
Smell the weed I'm totin'
It's stink like skunks, I'm beatin' down you punks
Now shut the f_ck up! ("'K up! 'K up! 'K up...")

[Busta Rhymes]
"Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo, what the-what the f_ck is goin' on in my sh_t?! Ayyo,
Spliff Star! How the f_ck you up in my sh_t, got your f_ckin' songs on my LP,
n_gga? N_gga, we know your sh_t comin' out in '98, mothaf_cka! Have patience!
Mawf_cka tryin' to bogart space on my LP..."

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