Get Off My Block - Busta Rhymes feat Lord Have Mercy

[Busta Rhymes:]

Just get off my block
Lord Have Mercy, Busta Rhymes. Flipmode Trilogy

A yo, we ain't familiar at all n_gga
Don't like, go grab your gat and lets brawl at hall n_gga
Straight fallin
When we use to chill up on park benches
My 20 block radius think we need some barb wire fences
Stop b_tch n_ggas like you from easily trespassing
Nickel nine shine on your eye then you see fire blastin
Get off my premises
A yo Lord is you a friend of his
Mouth him back to John and show this n_gga just who the winner is
The presence of a small town
I diminish and blemishes
And my player amps out like a game on my little sega genesis, ha
This inappropriate
F_ck is we talkin for when we ain't even associates
Ass lyrical beatings
Straight trick or treating
What ya eatin
I ain't got no words for you
F_ck speakinm ain't part of my crew
Face look to brand new, who?
N_ggas ain't even aloud to send my pass through
Can't chill on corner can't go up in my bull digger
Chill before I call Dinco to grab the qanco sinco
We don't give a f_ck right now
We be hi caliber sh_t
Ya'll corny n_ggas must bow
We do unforgivable sh_t
We blow the spot any how, move
Ready for battle cause I'm refusin to lose
I'ma beat ya ass in front of nobody with nuthin to prove
Live n_gga sh_t right there
Beware, stand clear
Many y'all n_ggaz is welcome here


F_ck is these n_ggas son
Get off my block
Yo I don't know none of these n_ggas du
Get off my block
Them n_ggas wanna sell there weed here
Get off my block
Yo how these unfamiliar corn balls
Get off my block
It's one of these n_ggas off my street corner
Get off my block

[Lord Have Mercy:]

Now who the f_ck you beeeeee? Landlord
Cradle la stainless for strangers
Vigilante, trigga stampedes
On the bulletproof for the crews
That lade this n_gga ta hand breath
Move you off the block
The a orthodox general
Flash flood when a crowd
Patriotic for the intrepid style and reck more kids that's pitifal
N_ggaaaaaaa, for ever trapped in danger
Emaciate when I take my razor
Sharp heards that scare herds
N_ggaaaaa, I'm from the wicked city
When chickens twist trees and d_ck tease
Breast feed
Pet seeds with asthmatic chest we's
Lord Have, cardiac arrest freeze
Please, bastard handicap crews that stay soft
It's mayor, ate off
School your army, ya squad weak
Remove four camps when I say
Pumpin arms like nor plants
I conquer and hold
Home sweet home down with monster control
Still they in the cut like runnin the coal
And still we must bring the ruckus to all you motherf_ckers
Automatically, assault and battery
We battle thieves that get tragically slap to sleep to relax the beef
Collapse like weak cancerous lungs
Scatter, we numb
Blind feelin nap with jarred villain that alarm buildings
Con scrimmage, woke up a lot of children
Dirty ass venom village
I finish and outsuns
Then pulls like men is the malk of method vanesha blinds
By all means necessary I reach for mine and lift golden towers from roof tops
And give orders, rugged pound acre
Drown violators in buckets of piss water

[Chorus 3X]

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