Get You Some - Busta Rhymes feat Marsha (Floetry), Q-Tip

[Marsha] Money, cars, clothes, sexy broads, plenty more, go.. get you some
[Q-Tip] Mansion, lots, planes, Phantoms, b_tch you better...
[Marsha] Go.. get you some
[Q-Tip] Hustlin, jugglin, robbin, stealin sh_t, I gotta get this f_ckin
[Marsha] Money, cars, clothes, sexy broads, plenty more, go.. get you some
[Q-Tip] Fortune, power, fame, passion for this sh_t you need to...
[Marsha] Go.. get you some
[Q-Tip] Don't stop, n_gga we ain't done, gun it through your f_ckin road block

[Busta Rhymes]
I'm sayin who told y'all to let a muhf_cker back on the block
with the bullsh_t, see y'all done f_cked up now!
Turn the volume up and bang it out the trunk now!
You gotta problem son? Imagine how the club sound
Look and see I'm ready to spark it
Soon as I zoom on my target, muhf_cker better roll out the carpet
See the way I comin through, and how I kick in the door
Watch how I coffee grind like never before.. the way I wreck from the door
So I mack wit' em, passin em, when I'm speakin
I'm preachin, all my n_ggaz out in EVERY HOOD!
You tryin to compete? You better be INCREDIBLY GOOD!
N_ggaz you want heat? I figured you would!
That's I waste no time to give it to you n_ggaz (this time)
And give you all the jewels in (this rhyme), and then I put it down to you all!
I can't get enough of it n_ggaz, I gotta ex-plore (many)
All of my options, I gotta get me plenty more...


[Busta Rhymes]
A lot of n_ggaz sh_t sound dated
I'm like Shaq, franchise player just got traded
to the number one team in the league
See I ain't on J Records, I'm on DRE Records, Aftermath B_TCH!
You need to learn 'cause you ain't knowin the half, B_TCH!
And while I'm gone I'm puttin dough in the stash, B_TCH!
So new and fresh I say it again
So what it do, don't test see I'ma blaze to the end
I'm comin through, so confess you n_ggaz know who the kid
I'm like a newborn n_gga, that's securing a win
(HOT!) So new and so current and they hate this
The streets'll classify in another level of greatness
I'm here to fix up the game, I'm givin it a facelift
New and improved, watch the way I make the game shift!
Now watch me swing it out the ballpark
I come to shut it down, don't let the war start while I come to get the...


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