Holla - Busta Rhymes

Yeah, yea
This sh_t sound like..
one two o'clock in the mornin with the full moon out
N_ggaz in they trucks creepin
With a fresh box of ecstasy pills for these b_tches

[Verse One]
Yeah, team select, please collect, G's connect
Thieves n_gga direct the trees to the SmokeFest
Wanna take a toke? YES! The newest zone I'm in
I'm like Smithsonian n_gga, f_ck it call me Napoleon
Wave the torch, cut the head off the Leviathan
The terminology I'm rhymin in cause a frenzy up in Ireland
Hit ya, I'm gon get ya
And drop the bomb scripture at your barmitzvah
Yo, map sh_t out, blast through the speakers
With a wifebeater on, Bushe below, a new pair of sneakers
Street n_ggaz hang on the sidewalk, that's where I learned my fly talk
Pimp-strut, and how to skywalk
Moderatin how we establish the whole conglomerate
The way we honor it, you'll never conquer it
See how we wreck, has a global effect, on even Polish people
Young and restless down to the old and feeble
Peep them, Czechoslovakian to Yugoslavian n_ggaz
Be all into my bounce so don't be botherin n_ggaz
So NOW you should feel the whole cathedralish bounce
Put one in your stomach leave you in a fetalish crouch, n_gga
My vernacular is spectacular
Strategic plans'll have you lookin wacker than a postal office massacre
Is that so? Make moves just like a fatso
Bounce in a minivan Astro after my gat BLOW!

Aiyyo, get up, get up, get dough (get dough n_gga)
Roll up, light up, and smoke that 'dro (smoke 'dro now)
B_tch shake yo' hips and bounce real slow
N_ggaz rep yo' hood, I'm with that --
All my nig-gaz (all my n_ggaz) if you with me (if you with me)
Yeah I see you (yeah) HOL-LA
(Throw yo' guns in the motherf_ckin air, c'mon!)
All my b_tch-es, if you're with me (yeah all my b_tches where you at now)
Yeah I see you (you know I see y'all) HOL-LA

[Verse Two]
Yeah, my whole entire mindstate deeper
than astronomy and mathematics like Galileo
Smash you n_ggaz like mashed potato
Back when n_ggaz used to rock Ballys and Clarks
I used to watch, little n_ggaz shouldn't hustle nickel crack in the park
Barrels spray the brighter flame in the dark
Blood spill stain on the street, that's how n_ggaz be leavin they mark
F_ckin with diplomats who love Bailey's
Monopolize and quickly get other money f_ckin with Israelis
So solid how we be symbolic
to a handful of n_ggaz that be all schemin on the same wallet
Them type n_ggaz that be conspirin and kidnappin
Sh_t happens! Gun clap for you in a GIFT wrappin
You should follow how the style switch up
Like a group of religious n_ggaz schemin to kill they arch-bishop
You big p_ssy n_gga actin all hard
Call me atheist, because I don't believe in you God
It's like a grand feast celebratin the bounce of the century
I tote the recipe quick for any type of discrepancy
Busta Rhymes the great renaissance artist and architect
Like how a Felipe (?) portrait is so hard to get
We got the obscure sh_t for the street
Nevertheless we split your head and your chest, now rock to the beat
Yo, we got the obscure sh_t for the street
Nevertheless we split your head and your chest, now rock to the beat

[Chorus w/ slightly different (ad libs)]

[Busta Rhymes]
Holla at me now, c'mon!
Yeah.. Busta Rhymes, cookin up a little brown stew chicken
Dr. Dre n_ggaz, yea

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