How Much We Grew - Busta Rhymes

yeah this next joint right here...
is dedicated to all my n_ggas that I love
all the n_ggas that held it down with me through the whole sh_t
from the beginning of the fort, to the now current day of the fort
from the beginning and the birth of this whole sh_t
to the now success of this whole sh_t
and all my peoples that be holdin it down for their peoples
ridin with them through thick and thin, love y'all n_ggas
peep it

1, 2
Everytime I sit and take a look at how we grew so much my n_ggas
1, 2
All the things I do, you know I will hold my flags for you my n_ggas

[verse 1]
now, this how the sh_t all started
was like doctors of ? I was being conceived kinda retarded
like, and while my moms was conceiving this beautiful baby
doctors was the this woman's stress out of this Jamaican lady
Pops beef and straight carrying on
nobody realizing how the god was now being born
ayo, yo, 1, 2
while they was wildin and sh_t
they couldn't even find my pulse, sonogram on the frisk
so, they tried a natural birth, but had to stop production
baby stuck all up in the womb, another malfunction
1, 2
and now the doctors discover
they had to cut this lady's gut, and c-section me out of my mother
Pop duke could only sit and ask why
looked up in the sky and begged for mercy from the most high
c'mon, now, 1, 2
see now the day would feel blessed
watching the birth of a precious baby life manifest
see how that bugged me out


[over chorus]
that sh_t, that type sh_t be buggin me out cuz...
y'know n_ggas, n_gga look back
to them days when you know sh_t is kinda ill like y'knawmean?
n_gga, n_ggas like fall out, y'knawmean?
motherf_ckers is, n_ggas live long enough to look back and sh_t and
laugh and sh_t, y'knawmean?

[verse 2]
young and learnin sh_t that started is thick
started inquiring alot, started using my d_ck
like I knew it all but I wasn't really knowin and sh_t
buggin when my pubic hairs started growin and sh_t
now hold up, a young n_gga now a couple years pass
searchin desperate to experience my first piece of ass
now, gettin into mischief and caught my first arrest
started smoking weed and started totin on them cigarettes
eyes bloodshot like I was starin at a highbeam
n_gga only twelve so why he lookin like he nineteen?
1, 2
the fast life baby, young with an old soul
from the past life baby
a young n_gga wanted things and wanted money quick
ambitious on the Amtrak, wit a quarter brick
my n_gga, 1, 2
it got hot in the streets
my n_gga campaign the cops who started walkin the beat, my n_gga
trouble causin too much problems just me and my brother
made mommy a grandma and shacked up with my babymother
now it a seed, I was always ready to clap sh_t
strugglin, so then I start f_ckin 'round with this rap sh_t
moved to Long Island and got up with a few n_ggas
believin we could show the world we was the Leaders Of the New n_ggas
a crew of n_ggas that was hot like an infirmary
blazin til they started actin like b_tches internally
so now, Flipmode is how we own it fo' sho
tried to f_ck with n_ggas but I couldn't do it no more
fo rilla, 1, 2
and then I got with some n_ggas
always wit it to multiply the gross and double the figgas
and then I, hit with bombs and hold a stack in my palms
whippin Bentleys, floss icy sh_t and take care of moms
give the local little old man a job as my chaeuffeur
hold it down for all my n_ggas til the movement is over
it's kinda beautiful

[CHORUS repeats to end]

[over chorus]
yeah, y'knawmean?
how we have acquired so much
where we can look back and, and actually laugh and lavish
in the, in the, in the moment
as we prime in life
look at how we, we struggled all this way and went through the bullsh_t
motherf_ckin, little obstacles
situations they try to set up for n_ggas to f_ckin fall off
and lose they hard earned sh_t, y'knowmean?
I holds it down for my n_ggas though
give my last to my n_ggas
all the n_ggas that was wit me through the whole sh_t
love y'all n_ggas, word
my Flipmode n_ggas, man

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