Intro (Genesis) - Busta Rhymes

*Phone rings*

Busta: Yeah what up?
Clive Davis: Hey Busta!
Busta: Yo what up Clive?
Clive: Busta, look, the time is right now.
Busta: Ok.
Clive: You got a ridiculous album...
Busta: Right.
Clive:'s hot to death...
Busta: Thank you.
Clive: ...we just gotta press it up, and hit the streets.
Busta: No doubt.
Clive: Busta? I've got some words of advice.
Busta: And what's that Clive?
Clive: Keep it gutter, keep it grimey.
Busta: No question.
Clive: One.
Busta: Ha, one? Clive Davis, ya'll. One. Haha. No question. Let's get straight to it.

Well Busta Rhymes! It's been a long time since you've had a good talkin' to. And the last time I gave you my blessings, I told you, you was gonna encounter a lot of n_ggas, and b_tches, tryin' to get into your sh_t. Well, you've come a long ways since me, the badass dude paid you a visit. And even up to this point, you ain't seen sh_t yet! From what I understand, you done built you a brand new home. So this time around, before you welcome these motherf_ckers in yo' sh_t, make sure they know the rules! Rule #1! Busta Rhymes is your name! And breakin' motherf_ckers down is your game! Rule #2! As you continue to give it to 'em raw, before they come into yo' house, make sure they wipe they feet at the mothaf_ckin' door! Rule #3! Before these n_ggas misconceive you as a pranksta, make sure these motherf_ckers RESPECT yo' gangsta! Now moving right along, as you enter this new place in your growth, like I told ya before, keep slapping d_ck in the mouths of these b_tches that don't wanna act right! And put a hot one in any mothaf_cker that tries to get in the way of this power move sh_t right here! Alright, Busta, enough with the sh_t talkin'. Let's welcome these mothaf_ckas into THE Genesis. Let's go! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

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