Street Shit - Busta Rhymes

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah.. this one appears to be very forceful..
Very forceful.. yeah, here we go now
N_ggaz, b_tches, where you at talk

Thug n_ggaz let me see y'all, yeah
Hah, before we slap n_ggaz silly with somethin
and put you out your misery and your sufferin
Uh-oh! Yeah, and just for frontin,
you got me bustin two nines
with one hand tied together or somethin
Ain't no mistakin we takin your trap
In case you n_ggaz didn't know,
you f_ckin with the GLADIATORS of rap
On some John Reno sh_t in Professional,
how we accurate and precise when we bust
and every move is intentional
Violate and I will get at yo' ass
And if I can't catch you track star
we'll start throwin SH_T at yo' ass
Wait a minute n_gga, hold up second,
see youse a b_tch and while we bust yo' ass
yo' faggot peoples ain't even checkin
Yo y'all need to send the coroner, sh_t
Leave you lookin out a place
like youse a tourist on some foreigner sh_t
I be that n_gga and I love to experiment
with specific high-explosives
just to take y'all n_ggaz out of this element, NOW!!

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]

Cause we got new sh_t for y'all
(All my n_ggaz in the spots,
y'all know we tear the sh_t down and how we hold it n_gga)
And we come to take sh_t over y'all
(Yes we here to regulate
and put our foot down, the shop is closin n_gga)
Always rep the street for all y'all
(Constantly hittin y'all off with street sh_t
and keep y'all n_ggaz open yeah
All my n_ggaz, all my b_tches) Whatcha'all gon' do now,
everytime we come with that street sh_t

[Busta Rhymes]
Hah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, we move like stonefaced cold-hearted n_ggaz
Baldfaced straight retarded n_ggaz
Aiyyo the sh_t we do be so off the hook,
f_ck around and get yo' leg broke
and beat all in yo' face with ya foot
We here to stay, F_CK payin a visit
I only f_ck with certain LIVE n_ggaz
like my n_ggaz Tash and Xzibit
Ever since I vowed to keep the sh_t raw
I stay hittin n_ggaz with sh_t
that'll leave they f_ckin face on the floor
Everytime n_ggaz know when we black
Smack a n_gga so f_ckin hard
he'll fall and probably spin on his back
Funny how n_ggaz'll always sh_t talk
The very next day they will notice the difference
in the way they b_tch walk
My street n_ggaz need to come for the ride
Cause when we step up in the place
you funny n_ggaz need to slide to the side
I love to watch these funny n_ggaz diminish
and while we slowly murder them n_ggaz
they prayin on the MOMENT we finish
I take you back to the very beginnin
and beat you in yo' head from birth
and watch you grow lovin the SH_T we be bringin
Street n_ggaz keep they mind on they dream
Focus the most on gettin they paper
and be thoroughly reppin they team
You know we quick to mash it down for some hours
Quick to leave some of these n_ggaz shook
runnin with the rest of them cowards
And leave the rest of n_ggaz ready to dumb
and rep the street until we all die
could give a f_ck wherever you from, NOW!!

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Busta Rhymes]
For all my motherf_ckers
that live in the urban city areas
Only the urban city areas
The ghettoes
The neighborhoods where they got, delis, liquor stores
and churches right across the streets from alla that
Motherf_ckers sellin weed, crack, and all of that sh_t
on the corner - it ain't the right thing to do
But n_ggaz is put in the motherf_ckin, living conditions
that have to do that sh_t
The street motherf_ckers
All y'all survival of the fittest motherf_ckers, SURVIVE
This is dedicated to y'all
Street sh_t

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