They're out to Get Me - Busta Rhymes feat Mr. Porter

[Mr. Porter]
I'm just playin wit y'all n_ggaz, I'm just playin wit y'all n_ggaz
I'm just playin wit y'all n_ggaz, I'm just playin wit y'all n_ggaz!

They told me to! {*echoes*}

[Chorus: Mr. Porter]
They see my name and lifestyle and say I changed (how I be so raaawww)
They so cold... I know... that they're out to get me
And alllll those people I call my friends, let it gooooooooo
That's why I never call on y'all, to be around
'Cause you see how this monnneeeyyy can change your friends' faaaiiittthhh

[Busta Rhymes]
Geah! See I done came a long way and now I got me a chauffeur
Keep my enemies close, keep my friends even closer
Muhf_ckers that I grew around, thought I could rock wit 'em
Watch my cake so hard, they burn a hole in my pocket
I see 'em coming from afar because I been through so much sh_t
They plot a lot, hard or not, they see my dough come quick
Invested in my n_ggaz, took the realtor route
Gambled on the wrong n_ggaz, had to filter 'em out
Type of dudes that see my mother and they greet her respectful
behind her back and see her son and try to give me a quick full
It's cool though, I f_cks wit 'em even though I ain't wit it
That's why the gats be in the house whenever n_ggaz come visit
Serve 'em drinks and welcome all to the law
For let ya drunk friend to show his true side until ya forced to cut him off
I seen it one too many times, they disbelieved and they speechless
Sometimes having certain friends can end up being a weakness
See now my dogs turn to wolves and try to front me and surround me
Come up out they sheepskin and act all different around me


[Busta Rhymes]
Listen! Sometimes I smoke a cigarette and then I think and I choke on
how n_ggaz steal this funny style and I was struggling broke
Even though it don't surprise me, sh_t it's still kinda funny
When I ain't have, a n_gga still would come and try to take from me
Instead of cutting my losses, being smart and just end sh_t
N_ggaz was trying to be loyal, just to maintain a friendship
In the wrong situation, plus there's always a sequel
I'm with the wrong muhf_ckers, plus they 'pose to be people's
As I get more money, days get colder
I learned to realize that power only lies in the hands of the beholder
So then I start the heart-on-my-heart as I walk like a soldier
Moving so militant, you think I had a chip on my shoulder
Living by morals and principles mainly
Having heavy thoughts to a kill a brother every time a f_cker betrayed me
But now I'm winning with the strength of the nation
I promise that they not even foreseeing the size of the sh_t they'll be facing
I'm Aftermath now, sh_t's getting worse
Now when those same "friends" see me goin hard that sh_t be making 'em hurt


[Busta Rhymes]
Instead they getting together with me so we both can get rich
When I'm outta town, these n_ggaz busy tryna f_ck with my b_tch
Same n_ggaz spend they money 'til the sh_t'll diminish
I hit 'em off and turn around and come right back when it finish
I said I'm tired of these n_ggaz, that'll owe me so much sh_t
that they can't pay me back for, f_ck all the dumb sh_t
Sometime we can't forgive whatever balances off
'Specially when n_ggaz cross the line that n_ggaz never should cross
Realized and thus I state the same sh_t, get the Range
The more money n_ggaz get, sh_t around you will change
Even though n_ggaz'll flip and say, "He the one changed"
F_ck you, the dude'll just'll justify.. takin his sh_t from you
The more money I get, I get more dangerous stupid
'Cause I been broke before, and I refuse to go back to it
And while I sweep these n_ggaz up under the rug with a broom
If I never see these "friends" again, that sh_t'll be too soon
Sh_t is real like every wind in my breath
And that's on everything I love, BLOOD OF MY BLOOD! FLESH OF MY FLESH!


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