We Put it Down for Y'all - Busta Rhymes

sh_t is about to get real serious
Busta Rhymes, Flipmode Squad, Swizz Beatz, check it out

[verse 1]
yo it's like tic tac toe
the god is back, make b_tches say hoe
blow sh_t, roast ya than down in Waco
big foot raps n_gga let's make dough
pull up to the lot, valet the Range Rove
flyer than a motherf_cker, all day glow
in the club n_gga glow in the dark and lay low
bang your head to this sh_t, while the beat play slow
junior varsity n_ggas while we play pro
ringside seats we all in the same row
like a crew of b_tches pull up and dodge the ragos
and how we dazzle these b_tches with how we change flows
we take your slot, how a b_tch take half
and rock chains with pieces the size of spacecrafts
you know what I rep, that's Flipmode Squad!!
wildin like a thousand n_ggas up in the wreck yard

Callin all live n_ggas
Callin all live b_tches
Yes I hold a pound for y'all
Say what?
Busta Rhymes hold it down for y'all
Get money!!
Callin all live n_ggas
Callin all live b_tches
Yes I hold a crown for y'all
Say what?
Flipmode put it down for y'all

[verse 2]
yeah, yo, the empire strikes back
sh_t is official, street n_ggas fight back
the way we set it off even the b_tches might black
raunchy as f_ck, even they like it like that
Busta Rhymes in this b_tch you know I got another batch
more hotter sh_t n_gga strike another match
bang this sh_t in your truck, n_gga open up the hatch
and hold on your jewels before your sh_t get snatched
better lock your doors, slide across the latch
before we figure out the next vic to catch
so much lyrics flowin to throw in a teacup
more crack for y'all we just reed up
gutter like a piss test in a pee cup
switch the bounce for the streets, had to change the speed up
raw for the b_tches who thick and beefed up
strip a club, big titty b_tches double D cup
we all up in the truck, what the f_ck we treed up
pure coke for n_ggas, get skeed up
let me bang something hard on your head like Vince Carter
and charter jets for my n_ggas with automatic starters
blow sh_t regular like the UniBomber
surprise attack you n_ggas like f_ckin Pearl Harbor
jailhouse raps, let it bang a little harder
while I rep for the fam, Busta Rhymes the godfather


so remarkable
classic rugged n_gga music
big truck sh_t
20 inch rims on a UConn or something
a f_ckin Escalade, Navigator

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