Day Drunk - Butch Walker

I got day drunk and watched as my city got younger
The front steps of fort loss across from the theater
Where I was a contender, none of that matters
The kids have new heroes, new dreams to get shattered

Wouldn't change a thing about the way it went down
Sixteen years of memories built on a town
That nobody really know just how a cool kid could drown
on a pool of his own hype and beer

It's the most perfect time and the weather's perfection
To watch as my father battles infection
The life in the dark is now bright as reflection
The store window he worked in seventy-seven

Millions of snapshots'd shoot through my brain
Push through the dark like that underground train
Just as real as the blood pumpin fast through my veins
Just as real as I'm standing here

(Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh.....)

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