Teenage Lust - Butch Walker

We broke into a house that was all boarded up that was down the street from your dad's.

I found a bottle of wine at your parents last year, that we drank although it was bad...

I got around to showin' you all my scars from a motorcycle wreck as a kid, and you got around til you showed me more than that, and all I know is that I went from a boy to man in 34 seconds..

I had a pocket knife that I won in a fight, that i carried like it was gold. I used to leave my mark on all the pine tree bark to remember when I'm old..

I was the one, the one to become the question of whatever happened to him,
Never go back, back to the high school parties, school parades, or anything like that.. Except to see you..

The Summer, spring and a falling winter, teenage lust don't tire us down, Monday, Friday never mattered, its only good and bad days without you around..

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