Bubble Music - Cam'ron

(but I still get in trouble) killa, uh, but what, uh

[Verse 1]
mami all on me cause I'm touchin' her belly
I'm on b_tter pirelli's
wit' purple and yellow, hello
thats b_tter and jelly
I flip b_tter on celly's
all right in front of the deli
holly, lilly, to kelly all spent once on the telly
(and what else) and I got hella gear
my earring is nice the price
3 townhomes in delaware
uh tomato porsche lookin' like tomato sauce
hip hop hooray I got to get
that llello off
thats blocks to the ave, cops come blocking the
ave, I put the glock in the stash, slabs and copped in the trash
still stop and I laugh, ma put
them rock in your ass, the rest twat in ya bag, dag hop in a cab
play you for what
you gon' play yourself
ain't nobody gon' pay you like you pay yourself
and my weight of the wealth was SK, AK, mayday, payday dog
don't play with your health

mami...she open she open,jump off...hopin' I'm hopin'
grab her...rope em' and dope em'
oral...choke em' and choke em'
I flip bundle to bundle, tryin' to double my double
at the same time.....for what.....but
the cops say i'm

[Verse 2]
I get fresh from
yankee stadium to the garden I beg your pardon
stop it, my closet, macy's mens department
pants, shirt, scarf, phone if you check it
get the scoop on the cologne, belt, and shoe section
fur for fur baby, baby you'll go stir crazy
got that david yurmen burnin', the bird gazey
you'll get hurt play me
burp let the dirt chase me
every third lady that flirt, want my chirp lately I know
some rn's that still strip, when I and this real d_ck in
the clinic, no student can heal sh_t
better than college, after that, students home
at least after your bid, ain't no student loans
to pay back, jack, ask
what do you condone
hit towns wit coke, a .45 blue as chrome
now they done juiced marone??
knock, knock are you at home
I'm a call he, girls call the crib
and ask are you alone


[Verse 3]
we race foreign cars, customed models, drop top mustard tahoe
we like the musketeers, trained by cus d'amato
just a model, a dozen hollows is tough to swallow
watch sanford in son
I'm like the buzz in rolo
Afficianado, the porsche apollo, wars a follow
got the mack jack, still swing swords like zorro
we jackin' and clappin' yall just applaud like bravo
now I plaud the cappo, zeke and santana
I don't razor wrist's
I keep eighths of piff
the games and the chick
like kobe imma rape the b_tch
razor grips, laser spit, glock cocked j or fifth
d on the block just like jadakiss
haters shift, plead the fifth, spray
the fifth, gator kicks, ma-tr-ix, major chips, i'm
your favorite.....killa
dipset, dipset


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