Shake - Cam'ron feat Jr. Writer

(verse 1)

who want mess wit me
or come mess with me
be a mess to clean
call me mr. clean
the way i glitz and gleam
trigger team
click the beam
hit the fiend
giggle money
platant like i'm nicotine
but it's all for the green like listerine
had to diss the queen
thinking i'ma get her jeans
i aint genuine i'm mrs. lean
all my sh_t lean
fix the fix get the cream
i sit in the bahamas
with alyssa malana
got the chris and the ganja
and it's gettin her calmer
calmer now she crying she missing her mama
just a stepping stone for me now i'm hitting madonna
now she twisting the fauna
as we sitting in the sauna
guess it's just my persona
she got kiss anaconda

were the dip so cut
ma twist ya hips and lick ya lips
were the dip so cut
ma twist ya hips and lick ya lips
ma you straight fronting
let's get the date jumping
i see ya bootie panties
ma shake something shake something
shake shake shake shake something

(verse 2)
i got some girls about 5 or 6
in a 5 or 6
about 5 or 6
i surprise the chick
that's whe i eyes get lit
let her drive the whip
see if she ride a stick
who as live as this
my pool size is 6
but swim in my pants
dive for d_ck
they call me moby my pies are piff
tell her free willie if your thighs are thick
if ya ass is fat and ya head is right
and ya doe is good we could smash tonight
right here in the car ma act a lite
if you ask for cash ma i'm mad for life
kiss ass you dike and i'm fast to fight
if you get mad ma we'll grab a bite
i keep sh_t lite and we'lll grab a bite
is it crab you like lobster appetite


(verse 3)
(freekey zeekey)
in front the club
dropped coupes and trucks
i'm in front the club
where the honies is thugs
smokin some bud throught the metal detector
the metal detect ya
settle and wet ya
i dont mettle with extra
you fake and clowns
i walk in and get out the club safe and sound
silencer dog how safe is sound
i got eight s and hounds
we just pace around
and i'll lace ya down
but i'm looking for
a manhattan whore
or a brooklyn whore
a bronx b_tch to let me look explore
up front but beat around the bush for sure
till the tush is sure
hit it doggystyle
get it doggystyle
you know your doggystyle
i'm a mac or more
and i smash or more
vip or between the bathroom stalls


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