Who's Nice - Cam'ron


Yo, turn me up some b!
I'm about to lace ya'll
Check it out
I'm not a muthaf_ckin' joke b!
Whoever think I'm not nice
This is for ya'll punk muthaf_ckas!
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
See the drug game was always the man's sport
That's what Cam thought so everyday I had a hundred grams bought
On the transport kept it inside the Jansport
A real hooty game, we ain't care who we blame
Sh_t was all the same until Guili' came with a moody aim
You know the mayor n_gga, a fight crime approach
Acting like a kind host but gettin time for a roach
A little indo
That's when yo, I said I'm messin with these bimbos
It's easier to pimp hoes, nowadays they simp hoe
It don't take much to make her
Just take her to a place where It's nice
Show her the ice and might give her a fake fur
Cause girls I control them classy
Old and sassy
Old and nasty
I ain't gonna front that n_gga Gold he gassed me
But now I'm flowin fastly, rollin jazzy
Just a while ago I was rollin badly
We was on the low wit Aggie
But now what have we
Range Ro' and Navy life size
My girl yo she slices pies
A benz is what my wife drives
You know Qeet' n_gga
Executive thug
But she respects me and loves
Don't let your head meet her slug
Until she sprayed out and layed out
Ineffections of blood
A lil' thick chick that'll click quick
Do anything for the d_ck d_ck
You know what else that puzzles me?
I find this sh_t a riddle
How come when you got a lot?
People say you got a little
Like they say you act a little funny
Cause you got a litte money
And you did a little song and
Made a little money
Oh, you know my favorite
Oh, you think you a little star
Cause you got a little fans and you drive a little car
I prove they all are liars
Saying that they got a fire
Hang em up on a barber wire
Yo, you think you got attire
To the point like Stoudamire
Yeah I'm a harsh n_gga
That drink hard liquor
A six benz car getter
You know Digga
He ain't rich
He's a star figure
Platinum deep
Hangs with Jews
Chills up at their barmitzfah's
He loves the hooligans
Now we eat at houlihans's
Seen Ed Lover and Doctor Dre
We told them n_ggas Who the Man
Pulled the toast out on these n_ggas one time
And even Cuda ran
You know that I'm a skitzo
Who listens to calypso
But I'm quick though
And old school like Hungry Hungry Hippo
Ask my Queens n_ggaz how I get dough kiko
Now I beat up clicks, eat up chicks
Ask my man how I beat up sh_t
And when I'm out of work, I got to re-up quick
Every six the same pies, drink from Cris' to St. Ides
Every hit my bank rise, and no b_tch I ain't high!
I've been hotter
Since I was in pampers hittin pinatas
You win nada
Come on I got put on by Mase and Big Poppa
So I'm glad you sat down
I ain't want Uncle Un to bring the gats down
He spat rounds, I heard that n_gga clap towns
But me I never back down
My mother, she can sign that
I know you're thinkin' that It's bout that time
N_gga I wanna rewind that
So go ahead and rewind it faggot

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