Bronx Season - Cardi B

Oh, how you doin'?
I'm alright

[Verse 1]
Now how much times do I gotta prove these n_ggas wrong?
And how much times I gotta show these b_tches I ain't soft?
How many shows I gotta sell out 'fore you get the cost?
Why they really tryna front like I ain't hit the charts?
All these labels, throwin' deals from left to right
But I ain't givin' in until they get them numbers right
All these people think that this sh_t happen overnight
All that flexin' they be doin', sh_t is all a hype
No tolerance for a hatin' b_tch talkin' sh_t
Only time I hold my tongue is when I'm s_ckin' d_ck
So when I see you in the streets, yeah, it's f_ckin' lit
And don't be talkin' all that sorry sh_t, don't flip the script
I see the lights, I hear the hype, I hit the mic
I kill the show, I get my dough, I catch a flight
I see a hater, I'm runnin' down, it's on sight
I throw my hands, I hit em' left, I hit em' right

[Verse 2]
They sleepin' on me just because I used to strip
But it's all good 'cause now they wanna get up in my VIP
Blowin' up my phone, sayin' everythin' I touch is lit
Actin' cool and wanna f_ck me like they wasn't talkin' sh_t, woah
I let 'em live, let the shady motherf_ckers live
Get them the price then it's time to show them what it is
Don't got the bat? Well then what you really tryna pitch?
Don't waste my time, I ain't never been no average b_tch

[Verse 3]
Not to mention, I did my tour and that sh_t was winnin'
Independent, the headline, award of feelin'
I thank the Lord for all the blessings that he is given
I love the fans, they fill me up with their ammunition
I don't really talk sh_t but now I gotta off this
I don't know why b_tches think we work in the same office
Corny b_tches tryna keep up? Look exhausted
Wave the white flag, girl, you might as well just forfeit

[Verse 4]
My ex told me I was never gon' be sh_t
Lookie, lookie now, lookie now, n_gga I'm that b_tch
What you thought? Yeah, you really lost, now you kinda sick
But I ain't never need a n_gga, I was always on my sh_t, yeah
I used to stare at magazines on the train
Lookin' at these models like, "I gotta be this one day"
F_ck around, got myself a name, now I'm gettin' paid
Left the corny b_tches in the grave, so they throwin' shade


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