Her Perspective (Skit) - Cardi B

o where the f_ck was you at?
F_ck you mean you at some club
Bet you at the club got n_ggas touching on your ass right
Same ass I'm supposed to be touching on right
B_tch you think you cute ohh you think you a bad b_tch
B_tch you ain't sh_t you trash b_tch thot doodle f_ck you talking about
What? What? B_tch you crazy I'll smack the sh_t out your dumb ass like I did last
Look look look hold on hold on hold on
Yo stop raising your muhf_ckin voice b_tch you already know what time it is
I don't give a f_ck b_tch you know what matter fact close the f_cking door cause the neighbors about to see exactly what the f_ck is about to go on
Close the f_cking door you stupid ass sl_t
What? I will f_cking kill you
You don't f_cking understand I will f_cking kill you
I will put a bullet through your f_cking scalp you dumb ass hoe
Calm down? Me? What?
Stop screaming stop screaming I don't want nobody to know what the f_ck going on right now stop screaming
Get the f_ck off me
Yo look get the f_ck out my crib matter fact stay here I'm out and you better be here when I get back you stupid ass b_tch
And if I catch you in the club I don't give a f_ck what club it is Ima f_ck you up there too

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