Leave That Bitch Alone (Skit) - Cardi B

[Skit: Just Vlad & Cardi B]
Yo what's good, what you doin', you goin' through my phone? Nah you violatin', wassup?
Oh, so you buyin' b_tches Birkin's now?
Nah, she got that at Fordham
So you takin' b_tches out to Outback? You know I like that motherf_ckin' rib eye steak out there. Why the f_ck would you take that b_tch to my motherf_ckin' favorite restaurant?
Come on. It was on a TV commercial, I ain't spend no real money
So you still f_ckin' with this b_tch, huh? So this b_tch think that she could take my man from me
No, no this is a girl from Bible study, come on
You got b_tches feelin' confident, huh?
Come on baby, wild, she buggin'. Naw, ain't nothin' like that, baby
Oh she buggin'? Now you gon' see me f_ckin' go buggin'
Yo, you wildin', chill out, chill out. Come on, baby, chill out, just chill out. Come on, chill out
I got you wildin' right now, I got you wildin' right now, give me a second
Come on, what you still scrollin' for? Ain't nothin' in there, come on. What you lookin' for?
Oh, so you took this b_tch to your mother's house?
Nah, come on, baby
You took her to your mother's house?
She from Bible study, I told you
You know what? I'ma give you Bible now, I'ma send you straight to motherf_ckin' God!
Yo chill out, baby, come on, relax. What you lookin' for?
I'ma send this n_gga right to God, right now. Where the f_ck I put this piece at?
What you lookin' for?
I'ma show this n_gga. I'm not the one to be f_ckin' with
What you lookin' for? Chill out, baby. Just calm down
Where is it? Where is it? I can't find it. Ha, got it
The f_ck?! Where you get that sh_t?!

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