Libby - Carly Simon

(Carly Simon)

If all our flights are grounded
Libby, we'll meet in Paris
Dance along the boulevards
And have no one to embarrass,
Puttin' on the Ritz in style
With an Arab and an Heiress,
Libby we'll fly away - hey
Leave behind our blues
Trade them all in
For a Paris breeze.
Libby we'll fly

See how dark the circles grow
In a town that has no light
So many eyes just staring out
Into the bloodshot night
And Libby, I hate you to cry, and I
Want to share it all with you,
And if it brings us to our knees
We'll trade it all in for a Paris breeze.
Libby we'll fly.

They say it don't come easy
They say that love is blind
And if you're afraid to be close
Then love is hard to find
And if you spend too much time winning love
There's no time to be kind
And Libby, I'm guilty of your crimes,
I'm just another passenger.
Travelling on these crazy high seas
Very likely be the same
In a Paris breeze,
Libby we'll fly

If all our flights are grounded,
Libby, we'll go to Paris
And wish we were back home again
Or sailing on the ocean
Just a window and a drink
To set our dreams in motion
But Libby, we'll fly anyway, hey
And leave behind our blues
Half sung melodies
Trade them all in for a Paris breeze,
Libby we'll fly.

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