Cex at Arm's Length - Cex

You can say I'm an avantgarde composer
Because there aren't any notes in any single one of my notebooks
And as soon as I find a way to play these reams of sheet music
With an instrument that is new and uses a scale of crossed out words

Regret and Embarassment
Instead of guitar chords.
I'm sure it's just a matter then, of seconds before I'm rich on MTV
Pack the place with kids to sing my songs and bite their tongues along with me

This was supposed to be a realse
And now It's quite easily the most stressful piece of my existance
My first tour overseas I was scared sh_tless,
The second trip I only felt an overpowering indifference
Now my third is imminent and I just feel sick

I'm the guy in the doctor's office;
"Doctor it hurts when I do this."
"You weigh less than your own shadow,"
"I was barely a stick to start with."
Now I'm outdone by the sum of all the splinters I've discarded

And none of my friends know who I am.
It's our arrangement.
I kept Cex at arms length to try and keep the real Rjyan safe.

For every dodgeball thrown,
Every night with cameras rolling,
There's bright lines drawn around all the sh_t we leave unspoken.

My confessions could fill stadiums
But still my heart's burried under Baltimore
And I think I've forgotten where

I could tear up the city trying to find it,
But knowing myself I'd just probably line the cavity with straw and disappear

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