You Kiss Like You're Dead - Cex

It burned our tongues and stomachs
When we tried to name it
Passing back and forth
The bile that we were tasting
Ground our teeth to powder
Nothing ever changes
Have to find some solace while my fists
Continue swinging

Looking for dead animals
The most perverted, twisted form of flirting
Sorry if I hurt you
Middle of the ice
Striking at the surface
Froze in my reflection,
My enemies all burned

We said things in the dark
Pasture with deny
So I kept my eyes shut tight
There's nothing there to prove I care
The ugliness I shared
Is very safe under the ground
Not even the scar
Barely recollected
Don't think I should be allowed to forget you
Shadows idle occupied
And made my home and
Were not fighting to me til the day you Showed up

The moment you let me
Ends the minute he slips away
But is it lonely
Watching atop this grave
I don't want to replace what the earth took From you
Yeah but you kiss like you're dead
Already I'm worried.

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