Lost - Chance the Rapper feat Noname Gypsy

My druggy
Love me
When I'm ugly
Hug me
When I'm bummy, scummy
I'm your hubby
Let's get lost, let's get lost

[Verse 1:]
Damn I'm in so deep
Probably cause you're empty
You can't even speak
Damn your mouth so minty
Ooh your mama hate me
Daddy wouldn't let you if he ever met me
If he ever met you
Put that sh_t behind us
And put this in your sinus
Mine is all up in my gums
Minus all that sh_t it's lined with
I say oh oh oh ohh
You been scratchin, you been fiendin
I'm a fix you, I'm a f_ck you
I'm a get rid of them demons
It's my


[Verse 2:]
Damn I need a minute... aight lehgo
She fell in love, it fell apart... aight let go
She met her match, I let her match
She lit her match, she let me smoke
Yeah me mad petty, Yeah me bogus
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah me know
Yeah she knew too, it made her love it
Her p_ssy like me, her heart like f_ck it
So dance for daddy like Gator
Ain't no partners on this trip
And lose yourself in my room
And find yourself in my grip
I'm sayin


[Verse 3: Noname Gypsy]
I blessed myself inside your arms one day
Swear to God there I was when the dress
And the Silver b_ttons fade away
Miss Mary Mattress, geriatrics
F_ck me into open caskets, I wanna die with this
I wanna stop seeing my psychiatrist
She said "pill pop, baby girl cause I promise you, you tweaked
The empty bottled loneliness, this happiness you seek"
The masochism that you preach
Practice back flips, tragic actress
On a movie with no screen
When the only time he loves me is naked in my dreams


Let's get lost

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