Smoke Again - Chance the Rapper feat Ab-Soul

[Intro: x2]
Acid Rap!
I don't even talk to them on the phone again
Leave in the AM, on the road again
So b_tch, let's f_ck so I can smoke again
I gotta smoke again, I got sh_t to do

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Who smokin in my car?
It's that n_gga Chano
AKA Mr. Bennett
AK Tony Montano
I've got some folks in low end
I got some folks in c-note
AK hundred dinero
You ever seen Casino?
I just got back with 'Bino
I got a b_tch but she know
Her friends done did the Dino
That's that Chicago lingo
Flamin' hots with Cheese
And a kiwi Mistic
My d_ck won't even call her
Cause she left all that lipstick
N_ggas be on dirt
That's why I stay on petty
I know that bangers jam
That's why my hands stay ready
Flip the candy yum
That's the f_cking bombest
Lean all on the square
That's a f_ckin' rhombus


[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper]
Who's sneaking in the club?
That's that youngster rapper
Un-saran wrap the purple
Wrap that blunt under after
Smoke all out the window
Cops could eat a d_ck
If you ain't the hitter
You just might be the lick
Flame on, flame on
I'm your b_tch's ringtone
She like when I rap raps
But better when I sing songs
No Drake, but I get my Trey on
Killin' in the hood like Trayvon
Shoppin' like I got a coupon
Savin' like I got a cape on
Cookin' crack in my apron
Dressed like a n_gga had 8 proms
Tell shorty I may change
And I made it and I napalm
Trippy sh_t to watch
Drugs while on the clock
Acid on the face
That's a work of art


[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Soulo ho ho twerk somethin'
Throw it back like you tryna hurt somethin'
I'm so deaf, I ain't ever heard nothin'
My name herb, take herb, smoke herb (say word?)
How 'bout you? No dap, but I'll take a pound or two
No doubt like Gwen Stefani's group
Let me put my mouth where you potty, boo
Them n_ggas pissed, need potty training
They movement sh_t, that's a potty train
She ain't left yet, but she probably came
We kicked it then I score, soccer game
She was a phony goalie
I got great aim though, don't insult me
I'll give it to ya straight, this is what she told me
My name Solo cause I'm the one and only
She only got you as a n_gga on the side
That's a n_gga on the side of a side b_tch, homie
Then we got out a Dodge, like them Dukes of Hazzard
Music and tabs of Lucy, take your chance with this rapper


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