Bitter - Chante Moore

I'm just gonna speak from my heart
That's all anybody's ever known
But sometomes when you've had your heart broken
And there's pain
You gotta let it out exactly how you feel it
And I realize that right now, I'm just bitter

I remember the times we shared and I
Remember the long phone calls at night
You used to say sweet things
But today my phone rings
And I wish that you would just stop talking
I just can't take this anymore
You broke my heart and I know for sure
You're not the man I thought you was
Compromised myself enough
Now it's time you stopped living this lie now

Don't follow me home n_gga
Stop ringin my phone n_gga
Just leave me alone n_gga
I wish you well, but right now I'm just bitter

Why did you come into my life
You didn't plan to do me right
You didn't mean forever more
Why'd you get with me for
Nothing else, that's not yours anymore no

<Chours> (2x)

You make me sick n_gga
I hate your dog n_gga
You made me write this song n_gga
I wish you well but I'm gonna find another n_gga

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