I Want to Be a Monkey - Charlie McDonnell

Oh mister monkey man, I've got a favour can't you see
I was wondering if you would make a monkey out of me

Because you know it would be cool to sit around all day
And throw my poo at passers by and watch Orang-utan telly
Swingin' through the trees is all I really want to do
And to be honest, I'd even be happy in a zoo

Life is really sexy when you're covered in fur
And one with no clothes is the life I'd prefer
The food is delicious and the ladies are wild
And the thought of bananas just makes me feel beguiled

I wanna be a monkey, doing what monkeys do
I wanna be an Orang-utan, havin' a wash and not using shampoo
I wanna find a monkey girl and spend all day in the sun
'Cause we don't need a rubber johnny to have some monkey fun, oh

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