Magic - Charlie Wilson

Abracadabra form of a bedroom
Now add a little candlelight
And the scent of your sweet perfume
Hocus pocus, now you in that cute little dress that I like
Now don't lose focus on what I'm 'bout to show you tonight

I can do magic
One snap of your finger, girl
I'll perform a trick on you
Anything you want me to do
'Cuz I can do magic
All you gotta do is dim the lights
And I'll show you a trick or two
Because I can do magic
I can do magic

Now I ain't no psychic
But I can see what you need, girl
And you don't have to write it
'Cuz looking at your body, I can read, girl
You're giving me the eye and it's making me want you bad, girl
Turn around, now can you guess what's in my hand


I'll make our friends disappear
Then out of nowhere
A hotel room will appear
Then suddenly
It's you and me, I'll touch you, babe
Girl, know I lose, just please believe
And witness to what I'm about to do
Turn off the lights then all your dreams will come true
Wink my eye, there go your clothes
Girl, there's something I want you to know


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