Finding My Own Way - Charlotte Church

Looking back on memories
Thinking how things used to be
Is it me, or was it simple then?

If I stumble, if I fall
Would you help me up at all?
Take me in, let me come home again

Will someone tell me, how life should be
Understand me, but let me be me

I'm just finding my own way, in my own sweet time
If I'm making a mistake at least it's mine
If I travel down a different road, to the one that you would take
I'm just finding my own way

If you ever see me cry
Don't you worry I'll be fine
I know you only want what's best for me

It may be a long way home
But the path I take's my own
I'm not waiting for my destiny

Will someone hold me, when I'm lonely
Understand me, let me be me

And if you found me all alone
Would you lend a helping hand?
And all I need from you my friend is for you to understand
And if you would be my comforter
Someone to love
Then you'd help me find my way
(help me find my way)

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