Fingers - Chester French

In my room
When no one's home
I want you here
Marissa Rome

You're so fresh
You're fresh to death
But you've turned your tricks
Made such a mess

And the fingers of your mind
Have wrapped around my spine
And made me feel so blind

In my sleep
You're by my side
And I'm seeing pink
But my tongue is tied

So pick me up
And let's get around
Marissa, dear
Don't let me down


And no matter what you do
Just please don't say we're through
Cuz I'm holding out for you


:: Country Interlude

When I stay awake
Never take a break
Eyes begin to ache
All the way

When I stay inside
Never close my eyes
Always close the blinds
All the way

I live on a boat
In a moat, castaway
By day
You can say what you will

You live in a town
In a town that is brown
Not white
That's suburban flight

When I raise a hand
Not in my command
Hit the baby grand
All the way

Can I get a rise
Make a big surprise
Live between her thighs
All the way

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