Explain It to My Heart - Chicago

I understand there's no future for us here
Guess I fooled myself into thinking there was
Now you've made it clear

It'll never be right
Guess we knew it all along
Now we've got to say good-bye and I've got to be strong

So tell me one more time how it's better for the both of us
Tell me one more time how we'll hurt each other if we stay
Tell me one more time then darling there's just one more thing
Before you walk away

Explain it to my heart
It's better that we're over now
Tell me one more time this is
the way that it's suppose to be
Tell me that I'm better off without you
How it's better to forget about you
Darling I understand
Now won't you please explain it to my heart

Now if I try I can see the reasons why
Why we can't stay together and I might
convince my mind
But it's breaking my heart to know I've got to let you go
To find that I must leave behind the only love
I've known

Well I can tell myself that I never
realy needed you
I can tell myself that it's better just to say
I can tell myself a thousand lies
But tell me now
Tell me how do I


Say that I'll be better
If we don't stay together
Say that I'll be better off free
But dont say it to me

Explain it to my heart.....

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