Blooddrunk - Children Of Bodom

[Spoken intro:]
They say drinking is a way to die, but at the end
Dying is a way to drink, that's why...

I'll break or dance, let you decide.
Too much of foreign you bring on by.
Do you have something to blame in such short time?
You are the one crying.

Degenerate, throwing the wreck of life.
Someone is spilling your own blood.
That's very hot, scars already made.
Ready for another drink anyone?

They talk to you but no we don't.
We thought maybe you gone too far.
Day over day, they should get it hard
Yes we die, they could never stop.

Wasted again.
They smile or they will fight.
You call me insane.
You get me Blooddrunk with a razor blade.


[Chorus x2]

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