Born in Blood - Chimaira feat Phil Bozeman

Born in blood
Spawn of ignorance
Damned from the start
Hatred, violence, vengeance
Dragged through the mud
Survived the flood
We proved them wrong
The masses have been silenced
There is no more doubt
We've won the war inside our minds
Nothing can stop us now
Rage growing stronger
Strength rising, conquer
We stand alone
In a blood soaked wilderness
Ruling the night
Free from persecution
Slaughtering all those who oppose
Reveal the facts
The veil has been lifted
These battered broken hands
Have been forged to iron fists
To crush the strongest minds, to build the weak into gods
The weight of the world can't stop me now for I hold it in the palm of my hand
This universe is my stomping ground
There is no love, there is no peace
Emotional barriers have been reached
I have walked with the dead hand in hand
I see nothing coming of this master plan
I want to live where nothing is alive

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