Needle - Chimaira

I gave up trying
No use in lying
Another broken promise
Another bond demolished

Will I ever give a f_ck
About anyone or anything
Day by day live in denial
The needle is reality

Weightless, Painless, Numbness, Shameless

Lying on the floor
I don't even care
Feeling so useless
Only one thing will fix this

Veins are flowing with my solution
Picturing death for inspiration
Set me free
Oh what a feeling as it enters my skin
Taking me back before the life filled with sin

Weightless, Painless, Numbness, Shameless

I'll show you the world when I'm the hand of god
I'll give you everything you need
I'll make all of your dreams come true
I'll take away all your misery
I'll answer all of your prayers
I'll fill you with hope
I'll feed you when you're hungry
I'll be the one to help you cope

Weightless, Numbness, Painless, Shameless

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