Dice Game (Skit) - Chingy

o shoot n_gga shoot, dats a fo',dats a fo'
you know dat aint gonna fo', there you go you gonna fo wit a three
put six hundred down
money on the what? money on da what?
it's all good
let up the muthaf_ckin' yard
don't talk about it, bet about it
aaahhh shut up n_gga quit ridin' my nutz
gonna do it right hurr, gonna do it right hurr
you want the seven, want the seven.
slide it out n_ggaz
3 hoes and a pimp
shoot n_gga, shoot
f_ck dat I got a thousand
I gotta thousand n_gga shoot
shut up n_gga, shut up n_gga
whateva n_gga
I got the roll over ya muthaf_ckin ass,baby
3 hoes and a pimp,b_tch
man, chingy gettin it
lets go

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