Jackpot The Pimp Pt. 2 (Skit) - Chingy

Hey, whats goin' on y'all?

Its your main man, Jackpot The Pimp once again.

Did you miss me? Hope not.

I've just been pan-handling makin' these hoes walk backwards to the track to get my stacks or get smacked and my pimpin',

HELL YEAH, 24/7, 3 hundred 65 days outta a yurr, I am, Baby.
But check this out, I talk to my main man, Snoop Dogg, the other day.

He told me to make a b_tch pay like she weigh.
Hoe, you made the bench you gotta line in.

Matter of a fact, B_tch, dine-in.

You see you all this gator skin on me, hoe.
Fur on my rolls royce, flow.
Say what? Pimp, I got the juice.
Take ya shoes off before you get in hurr, b_tch.

And the flock of hoes im bout to let it loose on your strip.

Wurrs my cash, Trick?
Get My Grib.
N_gga, quit watchin' Superfly so much

and quit copyin the mat.

I really do gotta Cadillac with a wheel

on the back that say "Hoe Slayer".

Hang up your game coat, n_gga, and bow down to a REAL Playa.

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