Far Rock - Chinx feat Stack Bundles

[Verse 1 - Stack Bundles:]
Most n_ggas is cowards
Hide behind the record like a shield
Mention my name and you gon' get killed
Blood spilled for real
You n_ggas better chill cause I solemnly swear
To get uglier than seal
Not behind my back
Only thing I got in common with ass is I clap
Shut up, get up, bet it burns more than your sit ups
What you ate, you spit up
F_ck your outfit up, blood all over your number nines
That cute sh_t you was saying wasn't funny to mine
We dead ass [?]
So that smack battle rap sh_t will get you left dead, yes sir
Look at me, don't I look like a nice guy?
I walk around with your head priced high
N_ggas playing theyselves like suicide drills
Russian roulette with a TEC and no suicide kill

[Verse 2 - Chinx:]
D_ck up in his ear, f_ck what you heard
Changed up the pitch, couldn't hit the curve
Bum n_gga go and pick a curb
Shawty wasn't lit so I hit the swerve
Booty knocking over tables, that's an ass-fault
Touchdown, n_gga hit it on the asphalt
V foreign whip came with a passport
Counting straps like I'm tryna rub a rash off
Caught slipping and he froze up
Never pimps down, hoes up
Head shot, now his toes up
Represent your hood n_gga, throw it up

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