Fuck Um All - Chris Brown feat Kevin McCall, Diesel

You know, this sh_t is really a hard work, you know?
Sh_t, who am I kidding, man?
Go easy!
I'm in my zone man!
F_ck them all like an orgy,
Don't remember their name if ain't important,
F_ck um!
F_ck um!
You know it s_cks to be hated!
But it feels great to be loved!

F_ck them all like an orgy,
Don't remember their name if ain't important,
Haters better stay in L.A. I'm...
Niggers I've been flat, you're all just boring.
F_ck them all like an orgy,
Don't remember their name if ain't important!
Yeah, how much...
F_cking over niggers like a lady in a...
And I'm on the top now,..
Hope you brought your optimism
Cause my ship is f_cked
How the f_ck I end up here?
Better yet,
How the f_ck I do it in the... make them feel good?
Music like a f_ck into the ears, palls.
No homo, no... that is weird,
Now tell me who the f_ck...
If it's not love, cause Judgment Day is near,
I wish I knew then,
What I know now,
Cause nobody can judge me,
Not even...

... f_ck them all
All these niggers ain't no me,
Cause I'm the man of the hour,

F_ck them out like a...
Can't say sh_t cause you know what...
Do it like Gwen Stefani, give them no doubt,
Call me commando, I'm going... out, palls,
So the defense is gonna blow,
Never take a break so I'm always on...
My duty is to do best, what I'm doing I've been killing,
The sickest so, I sh_t on everybody, I've been...
Now nigger, I'm cold, but that don't mean I'm chilling,
I got some bad,.. and they're already willing,

Like a tiger in the freezer I'm a cool cat,
I'm the reason why V.I.P on this club cracked.
I know you... at, so bring more bottles,
And don't worry about the tip,
I've got them!


F_ck them all, haters talk a lot,
Voices in my head tell me...

I swear I... like monopoly,
And this whole tale... to your property,
Nothing in my wallet,.. a sh_t on the lottery,
Ain't talking... when I say to a girl follow me.
Give me your patrol...
Got me... and so smooth,
I'm gonna call it and drink Vermont.
I'm all right now, the ladies are with me,
Acting like they love me, so I'm getting this house an image.
F_ck them all cause I know they all will let me


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