On Me - Chris Brown

[Verse 1]
When you cuss me out, you don't mean that sh_t
I keep her looking good, my b_tch clean as sh_t
Baby girl I love you, i mean that sh_t
From the bottom of my heart, see me fleekin' tears
You the type to take my job, show up at my case
When she drive my car, she see the stars in the Wraith
She be out of line, but she know her place
In the morning look at her face, 'cause I don't f_ck with makeup
You know I love you, no matter, i'm right here waiting for you
It ain't about the money, it ain't about the fame
It ain't about the chase and it ain't about the game
You play hard to get , baby I just need you like you need me
Falling head over heels for you its easy, ooh, I love your name
I hope you feel the same

She said she wanna chill, come over later
Don't worry about us, send the driver later to come get you baby
No you don't want to be lonely do me a favor
When we making love you better put it all on me, on me

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