Real Hip Hop #4 - Chris Brown feat Kevin McCall

[Chris Brown:]
Look, in the summer 6-0
A little margarita blend
So I slip slow
The type of n_gga I am kind of skitzo
Never out of my element I let the fifth go
Shots in the club panic at the disco
She of that M D M A that's from frisco
Hella chips call me mister Nabisco
Is that your b_tch cause she
Won't let my go wrist go
My techniques is just sex freaks
Skinny dipp with hot model b_tches and lesbies
I'm a put my tongue on they soul like a SB
But they don't know they scum to my soul they're just sexy
I'm a play dumb play that role in the
SV is ridiculous
And can I get a girl with real ass and TITS
Most Respect in the world to my
Real n_ggas Cause, all them fake n_ggas make me
Wanna kill n_ggas, I stand alone f_ck that gang bang sh_t!
They Nintendo blowing n_ggas
Cause this game ain't sh_t
Is relevant that I am better than these 'veterans'
They are sleeping on me like I been
Given them sedatives
Sometimes I wish I had better
Friends and better peers
Cause I know when it to the ends they disappear...

[Kevin McCall:]
Damn! Where they go? Where they go? Where they go?

Uhhh-See I'm doper than that sh_t
Pookie was on in new jack city
This is why I'm getting rich
Without trying
I ain't like fifty
Cus what's good being rich if your dying
That sh_t is silly!
Call the the chain TLC all the ice make you chilly
I'm a pimp so you know I'm snatching your broad
I'm a a real star your patrick from spongebob
And in my city to the streets I'm Freeway Ricky
Cus I keep the streets flooded with that crack music
I be selling cd's like them n_ggas push kilos
But I don't push weight unless there's plates
In the weight room
Why you think I'm BUF? Blowin Up Fast
Call me left hook cause I be heavy on the gas
You would think I was a Spartan, 300 on the dash
Either that or a martian in a space aircraft
Cus when you see that whip that I have, you be like "What the f_ck was that?! "

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