See The Signs - Chris Brown

First Verse
Chris Brown: (Elmo)
Elmo come take a walk with me
It's a beautiful day today
We should go out into the neighborhood (yeah0
And see wat we can see (elmo laughs)
Look this sign says welcome here
And bakery here, and thank you there
Will you help me on my way(yeah), and come along with me

Chris Brown and Elmo:
And see the signs they're everywhere
let's enter here, and exit there
let's take it easy as we go
elmo these are the signs, that we all know

Stop, right there
Dance with me
Closed, open
wet paint, school
tell me which signs you see

Second Verse
Now Elmo come take a walk with me(uh-huh)
so many signs to see
as we go out in the neighborhood
did you ever see so many signs
see the signs (see the signs)


second chorus
mail, market
park and zoo
food, laundry
that was fun now you try it too

chorus' til fade

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