See You Around - Chris Brown

You love another man
My heart is broken in two
She has a ring on the other hand
Too scared to tell me the truth

But, you are leaving
I want you to know that
I should've loved you way more, way more
So this is the end of us now
I'll see you around
I'll see you around
You mean more to me than anything
And finished cause you don't love me

So I just wanna see you happy

I think that I'm losing my mind
It's crazy, cause we were so inseparable
Guess things change with time
Does he kiss and wipe away your tears
Does he tell you that there's nothing to fear
Oh, if I had a wishing well, I would have you right here


I didn't listen, you went missing
He has your heart now

Wish I could keep you all to myself
I wanna work it out
But you don't see it now
Oh, oh
Guess I'll see you around

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