Shit Got Damn - Chris Brown

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Sh_t God damn
In the club, jumpin', let the party begin
And I got 'em like, sh_t God damn
VIP that's our section
Got 'em like sh_t god damn
Ay shawty, you can bring all your friends
We got 'em like sh_t God damn
We got 'em like sh_t God damn
God damn, God damn,

[Verse 1:]
Got the chauffeur just to open the doors
I'm fly, and I know it, ohhhh
You make me yodel le he hoo
Cause you bad, Yes I know it
Girl you got that fire
Need to break me off
Get closer to my bed then you take it off
And I'm the flyest n_gga in here, knock it off
See me and Sean came for the ladies
It's about to get crazy, in here
And it's a lot around the block
All the single ladies you be takin', by me


[Verse 2: Big Sean]
B_tch is so nasty
Now I got a hundred thousand dollars, and girls both legal
Patron chillin' on rocks like a bald eagle
Ooooh it's about to get drastic
Ass is like the number one draft pick
I does this sh_t historically
No wonder why they recorded me
I'm important as these imported drinks that they pour for me
Your wifey is a whore to me
I break her, break her off then send her back like she got a warranty (do it)
Bust it open girl, let me see somethin'
Her and her friend ask what time it is, 3-some'n duh
It's just me and C-Breezy
Life's a b_tch cause the hoes to easy
I blow a oh oh oh oh smokin' loudly boy
Just blew 4 O's I'm outty boy
I got this sh_t so cloudy boy
All these hoes up in my truck
That sh_t look like a lobby boy
But you don't, you don't, you don't know nothin' bout that boy


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