Yellow Tape - Chris Brown

[Verse 1]
Wait a second, wait a minute
Don't compare me to them other n_ggas
Desert Eagle, Smith & Wesson
I'm about to go to war, gon' pledge allegiance
Where the real friends at when you really need 'em?
When I was locked up in the county, I ain't even see 'em
I bought my own lane, lonely
What happen to the b_tches in the party?
A 100 bottles that was every weekend
B_tches bodied in my crib like the Colosseum
After 3 AM, you know we getting freaky
Hella one night stands, we just catching feelings
Tired of the fake loving
Fake Hollywood, fake passion
Fake gang banging and they claiming on pop sh_t
Fake titties and c_caine in they nostrils, Stop It

[Verse 2]
Too with it, n_gga, bring a bottle
And if it's my time to go, I'm taking everybody
Don't care, my n_gga, we shootin' anybody
And if it ain't your n_gga, then n_gga don't worry about it
I hear 'em talking down on me, down on me
But where they at tonight? I got a 100 rounds on em'
I think I had it up to here, my n_ggas
You know your killers, they fear my n_ggas
So what you tryna tryna do, tryna tryna do?
Dancing round the issue, b_tch you know you're running out of moves
I keep it real my n_gga
This Richard Mille hella clear, cost a mil my n_gga
Yeah, give a f_ck about how you feel, my n_gga
Got the mic at the horror room and we feel like thriller
Passive aggressive b_tches always acting all timid
A hoe can't make no money, but I bet they'll help you spend it
Had a meeting with the devil last week
Couldn't believe what he said to me
Here take this contract, signature please
You can have it all, but you know your soul, I'ma keep
Bad luck, bad luck, yeah you know it come in threes
Battling my demons, I'm the only one who sees
I've got the fire blazing, burning all the weed
I think this hell ain't hotter than this f_cking Hennessy, yeah

Two feet off the ground, oh oh, like
Why am I living here?
Up and down, up and down
I think I might drown from my tears
I cry
Just might being sold
Too many tears, I'm thinking 'bout ending here
Wanna prepare brought your roulette with the pistol

Bang, bang, bang, yeah that's all it take
Wahyo, wahyo, wahyo, get behind the yellow tape
Bang, bang, bang, yeah that's all it take
Wahyo, wahyo, wahyo, get behind the yellow tape
Bang, bang, bang, yeah that's all it take
Don't shoot, don't shoot, get behind the yellow tape
Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot, don't, get behind the yellow tape

[Verse 3]
Wonder if God got a sense of humor
I hope you know that he can see all the sh_t you doing
My mama said no matter how that he still listen to me
Taking temptation and fornication, you know I love the p_ssy
Mister assume there no connection, it was all assumptions
She just wanna f_ck, Whatever happened to us love making?
You don't wanna be in the club

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