Old Love Feels New - Chris Young

Granddaddy always said
When he was 17 he met the girl
The one in all his dreams
And man that was it
He never once looked back
He found something
He just knew was gonna last
And if you ask him 'bout that day
He'll just tap his chest and say

That's how you know
When it grabs a hold of you and won't let go
When you feel like she's always been in your soul
And as time goes by she's still surprisin' you
That's how you know it's true
When a new love feels old
And an old love feels new

He said I walked up to her door
And I was shakin' like a leaf there on her porch
'Til she flashed that smile at me
And son she took my breath away
And she still does to this day


And now I finally see
Just what he means
'Cause that's how I feel now that you're with me
That's how I know
'Cause you grabbed a hold of me and won't let go
And it feels like you've always been in my soul


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