Won't You Stay - Christian Fry

I, I don't wanna talk
Words can never say
What it is I feel for you yeah
Now, Now you've go to know
All the things I give
All the things I give to you, yeah

Don't be shy we can try to change the course of our history
Now you've captured me yeah
When I look in your eyes
No where else I would rather be
Cos you got what I need

Chorus :
I like the way you move, I like the things you say
I like the way you look, so baby won't you stay
I like those big blue eyes, I like you more each day
You've got to realise, you got to tell me baby won't you stay

No, Never have to try
But you caught my eye
What was I supposed to do, yeah
I, I would rather sing
Never using words
I would do most anything, yeah

Don't you know,
Your the one I've been dreaming of
So this must be love yeah
I can't fight what I feel
Need you here with me night and day
So baby won't you stay


Dreaming, looking at your eyes,
Losing time as a fanaticise,
Can't stop cos there ain't no way,
Gotta know are you here to stay

[Chorus] x 3

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