You Got Me - Christian Fry

Thought I'd seen it all before
I thought I knew you that's for sure
If you want me to keep score
Baby you will be my number one

So if you want to know
You've got to understand that this is not for show
I will be here
Make your mind up
Let me wind up
I will be everything you dreamed of

Chorus :
You got me feeling so good
You know I want you so bad
So lets stop wasting time
I'm gonna make you mine
And baby don't you know I'm gonna blow you're mind

Searching for that fantasy
I only find with you and me
I hope nobody can see
Baby I've got what you looking for

So let you body flow
And don't be so surprised if I just take control,
You cant stop me
Got to go for it
Got to roll with it
I will be everything you dreamed of

[Chorus] x 2

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