Come On Over (All I Want Is You) - Christina Aguilera

* C?mon over, c'mon over, baby [x4]

Hey, boy, don't you know I've got something going on (yes, I do)
All my friends are gonna come gonna party all night long
I know, you know, I just want us to go
The fun we'll have fun you'll never be alone

So boy, wont you come
We will party till the dawn
Listen to me

** All I want is you (come over here baby)
All I want is you (you make me go crazy)
All I want is you (you better cross the line)
I'm gonna love you right (all I want is you)

[Repeat *]

I want you to know you could be the one for me (yes, you could)
You've got all I'm looking for; you've got personality
I know, you know, I'm gonna give more
But boy you know, I never felt this way before
So, boy wont you come
So, boy won't you come
And open the door?

[Repeat **]

I want you, I need you
You know that I believe you
We got it, you know it
So, if its real, just show it

[Repeat **]

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