So Emotional - Christina Aguilera

(You make me feel so emotional)
(Ooh, so emotional)
(Ooh, so emotional)

It's either black or white, that's right
We're makin love or in a fight
Sometimes you make me so blue
But then it feels so good, I knew it would
You know the way to make me crazy
I want to give it to you

Chorus :
You make me feel so emotional
I can't let go I'm so emotional
I'm sinking deep into an ocean full of you
I'm so emotional

You take me high and low, you know
I'm never sure which way you're gonna go
You're such a mystery to me
But baby hot or cold, you got a hold
Of my imagination
I think you know what i mean


Rain is falling down on me
Suddenly the sun comes out
Sometimes north or south of love
But I never out

[Chorus] x 4

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