All About Sex - Christopher

Everybody's goin' at it
It's not hard to see
It starts with him It starts with her
It even starts with me
And everytime I look around It's flower and the D
But I ain't talking alphabet, sayy
When we talk about it, baby you get super tits
But when we talk around it, you just treat me like a friend
Although while you're talking I'm just staring at your tits
But that's just called thinking with your d_ck (whaaat)
It's all about sex (wuhuuu)
It's all about sex (wuhuu)
You got a lot of sex (wuhuuu)
You know you love that bang-bang boogie-boogie baby give it to me to me
Sex is what I'm thinking when I'm picking up the tab
And all I'm really trynna do is get you in the cab
And even though we're tired, we're not here to take a nap
Cus we could be here all night long
And everybody's secondliking, you don't even exist

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