Time - Claire Moss

Verse 1
Every time I look up,
only the second hand has changed.
I'm in the Waiting Place,
where time moves so slow.
I guess that's how it goes
when there's something to wait for.

Time's just a tick, tick, ticking away.
I know I could dream my life away.
Time?s just a tick, tick ticking away.

Time, time, time, time,
there is no time.
Time, time, time, time,
there is no time.

Verse 2
Come on clock,
I know you can move faster.
A few more minutes
and I?ll be out of here.
Thinking like this
makes it go even slower.


What was I waiting for again?
Another day passed, beginning to end.
Tomorrow the same cycle, all over again.
What do I have to live for??

Verse 3
?but the moments,
in between where time stops,
and I can take a breath,
and enjoy the scene.
Was that just one of those moments,
and I missed it?

Chorus 2x

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