In This Home on Ice - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Blue you radiant blue
I don't know how you can stand next to me
You you talk like a noose
And only confuse my perplexity
Now that I'm so sad and not quite right
I could dance all night
I could dance all night

Shake your rattle-snake skin
And become a part of society
Wait on down the highway
To see how far I'll come a-run a-run run running
All that we had salvaged from the fire
Was a waste of time
(But) what a waste of time

Should I trust all the rust that's on TV
The guests with some distaste they disagree
With quite a fashionable dispassion for the dispossessed under-stressed gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
but I don't care if you don't like it or just don't see

Now that we fattened the cow
And set out to plow unknown enemies
"Wow!" shouts the startled crowd "Now now did you see what I did see?"
the ravaged cabbage drifts on dark red skies
and it looks so nice
gee it looks so nice

shout just let it on out
confusion becomes a philosophy
down we're reaching the town where we don't have to stand around and look over our shoulders
hell I never knew was what we made it
let's just take it slow IN THIS HOME ON ICE

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