Monday Thru' Friday - Cliff Richard

Five days a week I'm just a-biding my time.
Fill in the hours till the weekend's mine.
All day long I've got my radio on.
Keeps me going till my work is done.

Monday through to friday.
Nothing goes my way.
Just working staying alive.
Monday.through to sunday.
There's only one day.
Saturday is rock'n'roll time.

Work for the man just to get my pay.
Too many hours in the workig day.
Dead on my feet but I need the cash.
Roll on saturday make it fast.

Chorus: repeated

I pay my dues to the union man.
Don't get too heavy.that's the way I am.
I live for rock'n'roll and saturday night.
I hear the music and I feel alright.feel alright.

Chorus: repeated

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